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                                            The application of hydraulic hammer in small scraper
                                            Small scrapers and hydraulic hammer combined to achieve the purpose of one machine with multifunction. The main idea is to use its own small scraper hydraulic system to adjust the hammer position (including height adjustment, angle adjustment), while increasing the hydraulic power line of a hammer for hammer work.
                                            Bookmark2 conversion scheme makes full use of 0.75 new crushing hammer scraper system itself, as far as possible not to destroy the original structure. The scraper arm is short, can not meet the position adjustment of hammer, re processing a large arm extension used to adjust the height of hammer.
                                            To adjust the broken arm to turn the angle oil bucket after modification; through the connecting plate will hammer connected with the scraper arm; a way to increase the manual hydraulic directional valve, a valve in the original increase 04T valve, to control the hammer processing operations; tubing clamping plate, fixing the oil pipe the big arm above the lathe; water supply, water tank, water pump, increase for crushing ore dust suppression in scraper)

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