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                                            Method for the use of a hammer
                                            Taking the breaking hammer of the Korean Korean as an example, the correct use of the hydraulic hammer is explained.
                                            1) carefully read the operation manual of the hydraulic breaker to prevent damage to the hydraulic hammer and the excavator, and operate them effectively.
                                            2) before the operation of the bolt and the connection head is loose, as well as the hydraulic pipeline leakage phenomenon.
                                            3) don't peck holes in the hard rock with the hydraulic hammer.
                                            4) shall not operate under the condition of hydraulic cylinder piston rod full extension or full shrink.
                                            5) when the hydraulic hose is heated, it should stop the operation of the hammer and check the pressure of the accumulator.
                                            6) prevent the interference phenomenon between the boom of the excavator and the drill bit of the hammer.
                                            7) in addition to the drill bit, do not put the hammer into the water.
                                            8) hammer shall be used for lifting appliances.
                                            9) not in the excavator track operation of the broken hammer.
                                            10) hydraulic hammer and hydraulic excavators and other engineering construction machinery installation and connection, the host hydraulic system pressure and flow of work must comply with the technical parameters of the hydraulic hammer, hydraulic hammer "P" port and the main high-voltage circuit connection, "A" and the host port and return line connection.
                                            11) the best hydraulic oil temperature is 50-60 degrees, the maximum not more than 80 degrees. Otherwise, it should reduce the load of hydraulic hammer.
                                            12) the working medium of the hydraulic hammer can be used in the same line as the main engine hydraulic system. In general, the use of YB-N46 or YB-N68 anti wear hydraulic oil, cold regions using YC-N46 or YC-N68 low temperature hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil filter accuracy is not less than m; 50micro.
                                            13) new and repaired hydraulic breakers must be re filled with nitrogen when enabled, and the pressure is 2.5, + 0.5MPa.
                                            14) between the drill shank and cylinder guide sleeve must be lubricated with calcium grease or calcium complex grease, and each class is class with a.
                                            15) hammer broken hydraulic drill rod must be pressure on the rock, and keep a certain pressure after the start of hammer, not allowed to start in the floating state.
                                            16) are not allowed to take the hydraulic hammer when using the crowbar, so as not to break the drill rod.
                                            17) the use of hydraulic hammer and towing mast should be perpendicular to the work surface, to produce a radial force principle.
                                            18) the impact of the broken hammer should be stopped immediately when the broken is broken or started to crack ".
                                            19) when the hydraulic breaker is to be stopped for a long time, it should be put in the nitrogen, and the inlet and outlet are sealed. The iron is stored in the environment of high temperature and -20 degree.

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